This tool converts XML RFC format to Postscript and PDF. It is most useful when pictures are used within Internet Drafts or RFCs.


Output will be placed in file.ps and file.pdf.

The software assumes availability of "xml2rfc.tcl", "convert", "groff", "pstops", and "ps2pdf" programs in the path.


See this source file, associated picture file, and the result. The alternate text output using regular XML2RFC is here.


The tool can be downloaded here. Current version is 0.5 alpha.


This software was written by Jari Arkko and its use and modification is free. No warranty is given: use this software at your own risk.

The author would like to acknowledge help from Pasi Eronen and Henrik Levkowetz during the implementation of the tool.

Created October 18th, 2005. Last modified October 18th, 2005 by Jari Arkko