Document Processing Time Details for draft-zeilenga-ldap-subentry

“End-to-End Delay from draft-smith to an RFC”

Document Timeline


IESG Processing

The following table shows the events relating to the document during its IESG processing. The greyed out information is based on the substates and Discuss positions in the tracker. As not all ADs employ substates in the same way, and as all ADs employ them at least somewhat inaccurately, the data in this part of the table is very unreliable.

2003-10-22 .. 2012-07-0707RFC Published-0--
2003-10-22 .. 2003-10-2207RFC Published--1--
2003-10-22 .. 2003-10-2207RFC Published--2--
2003-10-22 .. 2003-10-2207RFC Published--2--
2003-10-22 .. 2003-10-2207Approved-announcement sent--2--
2003-08-12 .. 2003-10-2207Approved-announcement sent--2--

IESG Processing Time Statistics

The document has not been received by the AD/IESG yet, no timing calculated. Note that past attempts to submit the document through the IESG have not been counted, if the document was eventually withdrawn or sent back to the WG.

The (last) responsible AD for this document was Hardie_Ted.

Overall Processing Time Statistics

Document was in individual and WG process for 3917 days, and in IESG/RFC Editor process for 70 days, 3987 days in total. This is 10 years and 11 months.

Data Source

Original source data available in the tracker and draft history.