Document Processing Time Details for draft-legg-ldap-gser

“End-to-End Delay from draft-smith to an RFC”

Document Timeline


IESG Processing

The following table shows the events relating to the document during its IESG processing. The greyed out information is based on the substates and Discuss positions in the tracker. As not all ADs employ substates in the same way, and as all ADs employ them at least somewhat inaccurately, the data in this part of the table is very unreliable.

2003-10-22 .. 2012-07-0704RFC Published-0--
2003-10-22 .. 2003-10-2204RFC Published--1--
2003-10-22 .. 2003-10-2204RFC Published--2--
2003-10-22 .. 2003-10-2204RFC Published--2--
2003-10-21 .. 2003-10-2204Approved-announcement sent--2--
2003-08-12 .. 2003-10-2104Approved-announcement sent--2--
2003-05-07 .. 2003-08-1203IESG EvaluationPoint Raised - writeup needed-295AD
2003-04-01 .. 2003-05-0702IESG EvaluationPoint Raised - writeup needed-236AD
2002-10-02 .. 2003-04-0102IESG EvaluationPoint Raised - writeup needed-2184Prev AD
2002-10-02 .. 2002-10-0202IESG EvaluationAD Followup-20Prev AD
2002-10-02 .. 2002-10-0202IESG EvaluationAD Followup-20Prev AD
2002-06-11 .. 2002-10-0200Publication Requested--2111Prev AD
2002-06-07 .. 2002-06-1100Publication Requested--24Prev AD

IESG Processing Time Statistics

Document got to the AD/IESG on 2002-06-07 and was approved on 2003-08-12.

According to the speculative analysis, the document waited for AD 131 days, previous AD 299 days, authors 0 days, and others 0 days, a total of 430 days, and was revised 4 times.

The (last) responsible AD for this document was Hardie_Ted.

Overall Processing Time Statistics

Document was in individual and WG process for 70 days, and in IESG/RFC Editor process for 500 days, 570 days in total. This is 1 years and 6 months.

Data Source

Original source data available in the tracker and draft history.