IESG and AD Measurements

“You have to know how you are doing to improve”

IESG measurements


Document approval rates over time

Rates of documents entering telechats over time

Page counts of documents entering telechats over time

Number of outstanding Discusses on documents over time

Likelihood of receiving a Discuss on a document over time

Processing times of approved documents over time

Interim meeting frequencies.

Chartering activity over time.

Standards track advancement per area.

Individual AD measurements

Measurements related to individual ADs can be found below:

Comparison of ADs

Comparisons related to:


Data Freshness and Reliability

Statistics run taken 6.7.2012 by the admeasurements tool.

Please be aware that this tool measures only what has been entered to the tracker. This often does not correspond to reality. Note that ADs have many tasks beyond what is listed here, it is often not a goal to produce as many documents as possible, and areas and documents differ.

The IESG and AD measurements software, bandwidth, servers, and source data have been brought to you by:

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Henrik Levkowetz