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“Document Stats -- What is Going on in the IETF?”

Basic Information

The authors in this country appear to be working in the following WGs: curdle, sacm, quic, dnsop, pce, bess, l2sm, mpls, teas, 6man, spring, dtn, stir, modern, acme, idr, sidr, opsec, intarea, nvo3, lime, trill, mmusic, perc, ice, dmarc, grow, ospf, sfc, bfd, netmod, i2nsf, anima, ccamp, sipbrandy, tls, bier, alto, v6ops, dmm, core, pals, isis, ippm, i2rs, netconf, calext, mptcp, manet, tcpm, capport, nfsv4, tsvwg, bmwg, rtcweb, 6lo, dots, hip, codec, regext, opsawg, rmcat, homenet, dnssd, mile, rtgwg, cdni, tram, kitten, mtgvenue, dcrup, softwire, lisp, slim, dime, sidrops, clue, ntp, dhc, pcp, precis, aqm, pim, uta, trans, dprive, httpbis, secevent, oauth, lamps, tcpinc, cbor, dispatch, tokbind, ipwave, mboned, payload, avtcore, detnet, bfcpbis, tictoc, roll, lpwan, 6tisch, netvc, insipid, radext, ace, sipcore, ipsecme, taps, babel, sunset4, urnbis and webpush


There are 3882 authors in usa:

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